Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nutters there everywhere

Well I drove on Tuesday but Wednesday I got the train in and cycled home.

Why is it whenever I get on public transport there is always some nutter who singles me out ? Is it the way I look  ? is there some sort of telepathic mind wave that makes them home in on me ?

I got the train from Sankey and as soon as I got on the train and asked this chap to just watch his back so I could put my bike in the rack I could see the instant relief on all the other passengers faces ah you could see them thinking here's someone new and hes got lycra pants on too.

As I sat down I was then treated to the nutter singing and dancing for me whilst he was wearing headphones so only he could hear his music , at least that was one blessing.

Fortunately the journey to Warrington is not a long one about 5 minutes so whilst he danced for me and sung to me we also had a chat about life in general and how miserable the other passengers were........... At least he was a friendly nutter.

When your on your bike you can avoid nutters or just listen as they shout something hilarious ( in their tiny minds) at you but on a train you are a captive audience, maybe they just live on trains ? and never get off, who knows.
Pre Nutter !

Anyway the cycle home was good taking about an hour and three quarters and as it was late at night I had a few tunes on my I-Pod a pleasant way to get home.

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