Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More get up and hang on. than get up and go

Well this morning after my Chicken Madras and beer the bedroom smelt lovely but that's enough over sharing !

My plan for today was to get out and about early (ish) on and do a few errands on my bike as I read somewhere that exercise is good for stress. However this morning my ex missus rang with a list of presents she hadn't managed to get the kids for xmas and could I go get them !!!. This meant driving so I used the car and did my errands at the same time.

When I got back around lunchtime I washed my Whyte as it had stood filthy from the last time I rode it. I am usually good at cleaning my bikes not to the state of being anal about them but I like them clean. However living in a flat means I don't have a garden or hosepipe on hand any more or even a bucket and sponge till I bought one the other day. So today the Whyte got a long awaited brush and clean up.
I also like clean chains as clean chains work better and save you money, the chain cleaner I have is about 3 yrs old and has seen better days so I took myself off this afternoon on my Giant to the new Decathlon store that has opened in Warrington and purchased myself a new chain cleaner.

Judging by the lack of bikes in the bike stand either Warrington cyclists aren't yet aware its there or are apart from me all fair weather cyclists

Or they just don't like Decathlon.

The new purchase

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