Friday, 2 December 2011

It is winter..... Isn't it ?

This week I have worked Wednesday to Friday I know such a long week I hear you say how do I cope !
I commuted with my bike Wednesday and Friday Thursday I had to use the car due to having to shift some gear.
However on my bike commute I got the train from Warrington to Stockport and cycled home.( about 24 miles)

I have done this in the past but some time ago, as I stood at Warrington central on Wednesday waiting for the 0638 hrs to Piccadilly I was glad I had my long (yes lycra) cycling pants on two top layers and my altura night vision jacket on, my winter boots and gloves I was just thinking how effin cold I was and that winter had set in good and proper now, when onto the platform comes some guy pushing an old Diamond back mountain bike wearing Lycra shorts and a very thin cycling T shirt !!!!!! He must be new to cycling, this must be his very first day I bet he wont make that mistake again, but then again today he was there again in the same get up, maybe its just me with thin blood or something, he must be mad..

Anyway I have picked up the mileage again this week and I'm glad to be back on my bike, however I don't think I have got back into the groove this week with the weight loss yet as everyone keeps taking me out for a pint cos I'm a sad lonely bachelor I have never been to the pub so often in all my life. So I'm not too hopeful this week for a weight loss but I will get there and get myself back on track


  1. Damn, I wish my friends would take me to the pub. I have to go alone. :(

  2. Ha ha I'm pretty sure it will wear off soon as all my mates are married so the ball and chain they have wont be allowing them too much freedom to keep taking me out

  3. It was only last week that I started wearing my tights. I started wearing them at the beginning of October last year. I'm definitely a person that feels the cold. However, since I've lost weight, I've found I can wear less in the way of layers on the bike. As I ride 10 miles each way, I'm often quite cold for the first 10 mins. After that I'm warm enough for the rest of the ride.

  4. Toby it is has definitely been milder this year I get cold once I stop and hang around a while, when I change trains this happens and I end up jumping on the spot to keep warm. a great look in tights and boots as you can imagine ha ha