Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It definitely is winter now and I am not alone

Yesterday I was going to catch the train to work and cycle home, however the weather was awful so having in mind if it was bad when I finished at midnight I would have 24 miles of cycling in inclement weather when all I wanted to do was get home I drove to Lymm and cycled from there which is 14.5 miles each way along the trail and road.

The ride in was fine apart from the rain and I even got some sun at one point, but the trail was wet and I got to work looking like some bog monster absolutely covered head to toe in mud. I kept my eye on the weather all day and all it did was get worse.

Having rinsed my bike off at work I decided the trip back I would do by road so I wasn't covered in mud again. The road trip is 16.5 miles and I can only describe this as the worst 16.5 miles I have spent on my bike. When I set off it was windy and damp but not raining and I thought I would get away with it but Oh No not a chance Just before Altrincham the rain came and came and came Its about here I hit some country lanes in the dark that's when the hailstone started and I mean hailstone it absolutely threw it at me, It was stinging my face like a bastard, It was that heavy I couldn't see where I was going and had to hold one hand up above my eyes to make a sort of peak to try and have some vision to try and see where I was going. There was absolutely nowhere to get any cover so I just had to press on riding in the middle of the road as the edges were just massive puddles , the ground was covered in slush and I didn't feel safe riding in that deluge with only one hand on my bars in the dark.
But it eased eventually after about 10 minutes of being full on and it actually stopped for a bit I was feeling pretty pissed off fortunately there was nothing else on the road to hinder me and I was just getting to Lymm thinking why me, why am I the only person out in this shit weather getting soaked to the skin,cold and wet when from around a corner I saw a blinking white light, YEP it was another mad cyclist looking as pissed off as I was.

Here I am the following morning typing this and as I look outside everything is white from more hailstone. I think I will drive today I am stupid at times but not that stupid.

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