Friday, 30 December 2011

I found my perfect woman

Well folks who knows what awaits us in life and today I had a nice 24 mile ride out in the rain with two mates Rob and Cainy along the Transpennine trail to the Lavender Barn Tea Rooms at Dunham Massey for Brunch where a decent bacon butty was consumed.
I don't think at any point we went much above 12 mph and we had a good ride and talked shite ( as usual ) and put some wrongs right..... In our heads anyway

But just after we had our bacon butties we came outside to get back on our trusty steeds and there she was my perfect woman I don't think I can go wrong with this one but knowing my luck ha ha .......!!!!!!!

Heres Cainy trying to muscle in on the action bleedin typical you cant have anything

It was cold and wet but I enjoyed today I think talking shite is what I'm best at

Rob and Cainy on the damp trail


  1. credit Mother in Law...hehe you wanna hang on to her :>D

  2. You should have let the "perfect woman" ride on your handlebars. :)