Saturday, 19 November 2011

parents bless em !

I finished yesterday on 22 miles cycled and enjoyed all 22 of them. I got back to my Mum and Dads house around 9 pm , when I went in it was warm enough to melt the polar ice cap, why is it the elderly have the house so effin hot ?

My parents were watching children in need I got my kit sorted for the next morning and sat down with them for a bit Susan Boyle was singing and to be honest it was bloody awful so the conversation went like this

MUM:    Do you want anything to eat some cake perhaps
ME:        No thanks, bloody hell she's awful
MUM:    It is yes
Then my Dad comes in
DAD :    Why don't they tell us how much the total is
MUM:    They just have
DAD:      How much is it
MUM:     Cant remember
DAD       Bloody hell she's awful
Then all goes quite as my mum hits the mute button
We then sit there while Susan finishes off, then sit in silence as the next thing comes on
ME:        I think you hit the mute button mum
MUM:    I did yes
ME:        Are you going to put the sound on then ?
DAD:      They should say what the total is
MUM:     They have are you sure you don't want anything to eat
ME:         I'm fine thanks
Then my mum puts the sound back on
DAD:     I cant hear that
MUM:    I know you can't, I can
DAD:     Turn it up then
By this time the coalition are singing

MUM & DAD TOGETHER:  Bloody hell that's awful

I retired to my sofa bed ----------------- I need to move

Up today at 0445 hrs with a lovely 29 mile commute

Roll on the 23rd .

I do love em though

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