Monday, 28 November 2011

My new life Style

I have been off work on leave since moving in my new flat but have been too busy to do much cycling. Life is pretty different for me now.
For one I now have to watch my money a bit more closely as I don't have anyone else s wage to fall back on so I have to budget which I suppose is not a bad thing and I have to live within  my means.
So I have decided with petrol being at around 6 quid a gallon all those short journeys around home will now be done by bike all those trips to the supermarket will be done by bike and anything else of the like will be done by bike, I still need the car to ferry the kids around I'm not ready yet for a car free existence especially working shifts and around 30 miles away from work I need that option, Its sometimes impossible to do without the car but one day hopefully.
With this in mind I needed a lock for my bike as its something I don't posses as I usually only commute by bike I don't need one as I have secure parking for it at work. So in my new lifestyle way I set off to get a lock from my LBS in Widnes and yep I went on my bike.
Transpennine trail with the river Mersey behind the fence
The trip to Widnes by road is along a busy fast road so I opted to travel along the transpennine trail and it was good to have the birds flying past my head and see the wildlife along the canal even though it did stink a bit ha ha.

Once in Widnes I got to within about 300 yards of the LBS when my steering felt funny I got off the bike to find the front tyre had gone flat. I was on my Giant and haven't ridden it for a while I pushed it to the LBS purchased a D Lock and got the owner to pump up my tyre with his airline and I also purchased a spare inner tube just in case as I couldn't see anything obvious as to why it had gone down.
Whilst in Widnes I shopped for a few bits leaving my bike secure with my new lock but when I got back the tyre was flat again, so I fixed the puncture and on doing so noticed a tear in the tyre maybe it was that that caused it I  don't know.
I came back the same way all in all saving 13 miles of driving, maybe its time for new tyre's on the Giant..... better check the budget first.

A quick pit stop before returning home

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  1. I try and cycle as often as I can rather than take the car. The amount I save on petrol nowadays is staggering.