Tuesday, 11 October 2011


After almost two weeks of no cycling I was really keen to get back on my bike today, I was on Earlie's this morning, It seems an eternity since I have had to do an early shift. But this morning was somehow different I got up and having purchased myself a new bike a Colnago CF4 I set off for work. The weather was fine but a bit windy and YES it was a tail wind, I was absolutely flying on my new bike as I headed in what a difference it made, and do you know what on the way in I didn't have a single red light making it to work in super fast time.
I walked straight into my bosses office and slapped my resignation on his desk you should of seen his face.



Never mind one can dream.
I did the 23 mile commute today on the Giant breaking myself back in gently after time off cycling. It was dry and I did have a tail wind, but the way back tonight was wet and with a headwind BUT. I can honestly say I really enjoyed my cycling today here's to plenty more

Obligatory picture of bike against a fence


  1. I knew something was up when I got to Colnago...

  2. Ha Ha one can dream. One day, maybe one day, just