Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday weigh in ( and other shit )

Stepped on the scales this morning weighing 14st 8 lbs (204 lbs) that's 1.75 lbs down on last week and a 27 lb loss since I started only 1 lb to go till I have lost 2 stone !!!

Cycling and Eating

Cycling this week has been a total miles of Zero not a one which is not good. Eating this week has been a mixture of eating right, eating wrong eating too much and sometimes just not eating at all, all this mixed with stress is why I am currently losing weight I think.

Back in Early September I said that life had dealt me a bit of a low baller I wasn't expecting and this week that low baller has come to a crossroad, and the picture below describes how I feel

However a path has been chosen but it not the one I wanted but I don't have any control over it and don't want to go down it but I have no choice, however I am trying to take a positive from this as I at least now have a direction whereas before I didn't. At least now I can work towards where life is taking me and make the best of it.
Sorry if this all sounds clandestine but in a few weeks I know I get to another crossroads and I will let you know what the fuck I am on about then.

I am off work now till Monday but cant cycle then due to childcare reasons so come Tuesday I shall be back commuting on my bike and trying to eat proper (but not too much) and trying to get this weight loss back on track with losing weight as I should as apposed to losing it through stress.

Sometimes life sucks


  1. keep your focus mate.
    good luck, whatever

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it, I just need to get my head straight, which I will do and then focus on the future.

  3. Lifes crap sometimes, but times like these are where heros are made.

    Gaz (39 stone cyclist)

  4. cheers Gaz your right a positive mental attitude is what I need to take me forward,I WILL get there, thanks