Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lack of posts

I'm still here folks but you may of noticed my lack of posts recently.

That is because life at the moment is just too manic, I have so much going on and through my head that something has to give and I have so much I need to sort out.
For that reason I shall not be posting for the time being

I will be back in about 3 or 4 weeks when things have come to a head and certain things are sorted in life, and I will tell you whats been going on.

I will still be peddling and trying to keep my weight loss going , my weight this week was static which is pretty good considering

So see you all sometime early November

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday weigh in

I stepped on the scales today and weigh 14st 7 5/8 lbs (203.7lbs) a measly 0.3 lbs loss this week however a loss is a loss, and I haven't put weight on

My weight loss seems to be slowing down a bit, but it might be that my life is just so hectic at the moment that I am losing focus on eating right.
Just 51 miles cycled this week not good

I must try and focus this coming week and get to that 2 stone lost barrier , and hopefully past it.
I am on 2 am finishes this weekend and am struggling to motivate myself to cycle

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


After almost two weeks of no cycling I was really keen to get back on my bike today, I was on Earlie's this morning, It seems an eternity since I have had to do an early shift. But this morning was somehow different I got up and having purchased myself a new bike a Colnago CF4 I set off for work. The weather was fine but a bit windy and YES it was a tail wind, I was absolutely flying on my new bike as I headed in what a difference it made, and do you know what on the way in I didn't have a single red light making it to work in super fast time.
I walked straight into my bosses office and slapped my resignation on his desk you should of seen his face.



Never mind one can dream.
I did the 23 mile commute today on the Giant breaking myself back in gently after time off cycling. It was dry and I did have a tail wind, but the way back tonight was wet and with a headwind BUT. I can honestly say I really enjoyed my cycling today here's to plenty more

Obligatory picture of bike against a fence

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday weigh in ( and other shit )

Stepped on the scales this morning weighing 14st 8 lbs (204 lbs) that's 1.75 lbs down on last week and a 27 lb loss since I started only 1 lb to go till I have lost 2 stone !!!

Cycling and Eating

Cycling this week has been a total miles of Zero not a one which is not good. Eating this week has been a mixture of eating right, eating wrong eating too much and sometimes just not eating at all, all this mixed with stress is why I am currently losing weight I think.

Back in Early September I said that life had dealt me a bit of a low baller I wasn't expecting and this week that low baller has come to a crossroad, and the picture below describes how I feel

However a path has been chosen but it not the one I wanted but I don't have any control over it and don't want to go down it but I have no choice, however I am trying to take a positive from this as I at least now have a direction whereas before I didn't. At least now I can work towards where life is taking me and make the best of it.
Sorry if this all sounds clandestine but in a few weeks I know I get to another crossroads and I will let you know what the fuck I am on about then.

I am off work now till Monday but cant cycle then due to childcare reasons so come Tuesday I shall be back commuting on my bike and trying to eat proper (but not too much) and trying to get this weight loss back on track with losing weight as I should as apposed to losing it through stress.

Sometimes life sucks

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Still here

Im still here folks just working some ridiculous shifts in Manchester City Centre so just too busy at the moment to post.

Hopefully back to normal life as normal as my life is tomorrow

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday weigh in

Very busy today so a quick one

weighed in today at 14st 9 3/4 lbs (205.75 lbs)

That's 0.75 lbs down on last week.

As they said on Are you being served "Going down"

Will try and post summat later with further stats

I'm pleased