Thursday, 8 September 2011

Signed and sealed

Did the 23 mile commute today a lot better day weather wise but I'm bloody sure the wind only blows one way where I live and its always in my face !

Anyway a deal was done today that would put some of the brokers on Wall St to shame, yes folks I have made a purchase, negotiations were tight and at one time nearly collapsed, God only knows if this deal had fell through how the European and International money markets would of coped.


Here it is a Giant Escape M1

As I mentioned in a previous post someone at work was selling it after they had been knocked off it and had lost their nerve a bit for cycling. It is just short of 2 years old and shall be used during the shitty days of winter and as you know there are plenty of those.
It hasn't been ridden for a couple of months so needs a good clean and lube and one or two things straightening out after its bump, and the front brake needs looking at but when that is done it should be fine, I shall fit some mudguards ( Fenders for fellow blogger David ) and all should be well.
The frame is only small but as I'm such a short arse 5' 8" I can just about get away with it
It has one or two scratches on it but I don't mind that I know I can leave it in the bike shed now without the fear of getting it scratched.
I will post some more pictures after a good clean, So it's no riding tomorrow as the bike is at work so I shall drive in and collect it in the car tomorrow.


  1. Ooh! Stealth bike!

    I like the blacked-out look.

  2. Cheers David, it will be a shame to put lights on it