Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday weigh in

I have just re-read my post last week for my weigh in and it appears I made a mistake I put my weight as 14st 1 1/8 lbs I WISH.
It should of read 14st 13 1/8lbs I dropped 10 lbs by the type of the keyboard, If only it were that easy.

Anyway what has this week brought......... Well for the first time I started this blog I have not lost weight.
Not only have I not lost weight I have put weight on this week !!!!!!!!!!

On the scales this morning my weight was 14st 13 3/8 lbs (209.4 lbs)

Yes I have put on 2/8 lbs or 0.2 lbs

After this week I will take that as a positive
I am still under 15 stone, 2/8 lbs is nothing , as Peter Kay said about Slimming World " A pound whats a pound I shit a pound".

Most importantly this week I'm still off the fags,  hence the food has been somewhat on and off this week but only a tiny bit of damage has been done.
Roll on next week

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