Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday weigh in

Well folks this morning my step on the scales produced a weight of
14 st 1 1/8 lb (209.2 lbs)........
I can't believe I am now under 15 stone I do not remember when I could last say I was 14 stone something it was probably in the 90's sometime.
I have now lost over a stone and a half.
On the cycling front I have only managed a measly 84 miles in the last two weeks, so my weight loss can only be put down to food intake, I just wonder what it would of been if I had managed to cycle more but as they say a loss is a loss and I will take that no problem and I am more than pleased with it.

Busy day today this morning is my lad Joe's first football match of the season and he's got new boots £30 effin quid so I have told him he has to score (no pressure then).
Billy is off to yet another bloody kids birthday party he has 3 this weekend !!!!
Straight after football me and Joe are off to pick up Billy's bike for his birthday from the LBS where they have kept it for us. I shall also pick up a new spare inner tube for my new Giant and shall be giving it a good clean and lube.
My missis is off to Glastonferry tonight a local music festival which is held 3 times a year one in spring one summer and one tonight at the Ferry tavern a local pub near us which is on the banks of the river Mersey ( and no there are no ferries to get across it) they are 20 miles up the road in Liverpool. It is good but I only like the summer one, the thought of standing outside drinking beer in inclement weather doesn't appeal to me.
So tonight for me is making home made pizza with my boys and a bottle of red wine (for me) and unfortunately watching the dreaded X Factor....

Have a good weekend all


  1. Cheers Clive it feels good to be making some progress and still motivated to get to the end