Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Problem Sorted ?


I think my estimate of a few weeks was a tadge short sighted, I have spent the last few days trying to iron it out and at the moment I can do no more, so there is no point now worrying any further about it and time will sort it one way or the other. As Forest Gump's mum said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" so on that note I have decided to just crack on with things.

SO what have I been up to

Well I didn't do the Manchester 100 as I couldn't spare the time, but I was gutted I couldn't do it ( there is always next year ) All at work who did it finished bar 1 who diverted off and did the 100 km instead. Some were suffering though as they hadn't done enough preparation. But hats off to them all, they did more than me.

Saturday was a very quick trip to the LBS to buy Billy a bike helmet for his birthday for the BMX he wants and after said hat was purchased he realised the BMX he wants is no longer in the shop for sale so he was a bit peeved ( good job we have bought it then and its in storage till next week ha ha).

Sunday as I didn't go on the ride I put my Felt road bike on eBay and by Monday there were 40 watchers and  loads of questions asking me if I had a buy it now price and all sorts of other daft questions like would I take £50 for it and they would pick it up later that day ! Yeah right jog on.
I had a message from a chap who only lived around the corner asking to view it, I rang him and he came round with his son in about 5 mins and bought it there and then and paid what I wanted for it without any bartering. He has bought it for his son to use next year both he and his son are getting into road bikes and he wanted a proper bike. He was a really nice chap and I'm glad its gone to a good home and will get used.
It just about fits his son with the saddle all the way down so next year it will be fine ( I didn't realise I was such a short arse).

Today I was back in work , last Thursday was the last day I peddled and it was good to get back on my bike. As I only have one bike now my choice of bike today was er ? my one bike.
Did a 23 mile commute today but how the weather has changed, On the way in this morning I managed to dodge the rain but it was dark and damp with loads of slippery leaves over the roads Autumn is definitely here.
On the way back Cheadle high street was chocker as was traffic into Gatley and Burnage so when I got to Timperley I decided to branch off and take the canal towpath and eventually the transpennine trail back to my car.

After today's commute I have decided its time for mudguards ( Fenders) the reason being this.

I was going to go for some SKS Hybrid commuter mudguards however because I have to keep putting my bike in and out of the car I think I will need something a bit more bendy so I think I will get these

Also today I broke out my winter bike jacket a Altura night vision This is the 3rd year of use and I would recommend it, I had a problem with the zips when I first got it but once I sorted them its been a diamond of a bike jacket and very reflective

And finally thanks to all who commented on my last post much appreciated.



  1. Although it may be problematic loading into a car, I'm a big fan of full-coverage fenders, ahem, mudguards.

    I use the Planet Bike 29er fender on my LHT, and the SKS Longboard on my single-speed.

    That way my bike and I stay cleaner.

  2. I would rather have full fenders ahem mudguards David but I know how clumsy I am and just know I will break them plus looking at my bike it looks like I would have to disconnect the front disc brakes to fit the stays, so as everything with my life I will try the easy option, but I know what you mean I will just have to wash it and me more