Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pictures of the new bike

A short update on the new bike

I gave it a good clean, adjusted the handlebars and headset, as it had been in a crash they must of had a whack and were soon adjusted straight, I set the saddle for me, tightened up all that was loose, As I previously mentioned the front brake needed looking at so I was going to take it to the LBS, but thought I would have a look first not that I know anything about disc brakes my reckoning was that if I buggered it up it was going to the LBS anyway, I took the pads out gave them a clean, couldnt see anything else wrong so put it back together and hey presto it works fine now.
I cleaned and lubed the chain and anything that needed lubing, put on my lights and computer and gave it a spin around the block.
All seems well but I shall give it a proper test ride on Monday when the kids have gone to school

Heres some Piccy's as promised

After a good clean

Cleaned and lubed chain

This is probably the worst of the scratches

Fitted the lights and computer

Tucked up in bed with the Whyte awaiting its first outing

Now then what was next on the agenda for today

Ah yes

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