Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My wish came true

Yup, this morning it was dark and raining !

Did the 23 mile commute today.
It's funny what you see while riding . As I trundled in this morning (I always tend to trundle to work) as I passed a junction some bloke appeared riding some sort of electric bike and a full face BMX helmet, It didn't look like a pushbike and it didn't look like a moped I think he had made it himself ! he pulled out right behind me as I passed but try as he might he couldn't get past me I could hear his little electric motor whizzing away behind me he looked like one of the Chuckle Brothers on Crack !!!!!! I bet he doesn't get the piss taken out of him off his workmates when he arrives.
Then further down the road I came up behind a tracksuit wearing chap with no lights on smoking a fag while riding his full suspension £40 mountain bike. mind you it did smell good as I cycled past ( eh eh steady on)

Food good again today


  1. Hi Mark,

    Glad to here you trundled faster than the whizzer, thanks for sharing your efforts I do appreciate it and am inspired by it. All the best as you keep on riding.



  2. Cheers Dan good to see your starting to get out and about on the bike too, careful it becomes addictive