Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's doing me swede in

As previously mentioned I have to work in Manchester city centre this week and in all honesty its doing me head in. 0823hrs train ( sorry cattle waggon ) then herded back again, no seats. too expensive and there is some right smelly bastards on them, and the country wonders why the public transport system is failing.
AND to top it all the weather is bloody gorgeous !!!!!!!!!! and I cant get to ride my bike, commuting by bike is so much better than sitting on a train or in a traffic jam.
Hopefully by tomorrow my work there shall be done and I am having Thursday and Friday off..... Yippee and I shall be heading somewhere on my bike with my shorts back on if the weather keeps up.

There are some funky bikes in town though, where would you buy a bike like this from ?????????

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