Sunday, 11 September 2011

I almost felt patriotic yesterday

Absolutely nothing weight or cycle related

But yesterday I almost felt patriotic

England won their opening match in the Rugby world cup. ( even though I live in Warrington and we have Warrington Wolves who I know are rugby league I don't know the rules of either league or union but I do like watching it)

Then last night I caught the end of Last night at the proms on Telly. Again I'm no classical music buff but watching the proms in HD with the surround sound on playing Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and God Save the Queen was good, although I think I missed them playing Land Of Hope and Glory which in my opinion is the best one..

It was good to see so many Union jacks and St George cross flags flying

I almost stood up at one point.

Anyway that's enough of me being patriotic till next year

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow


  1. Calm down, calm down. You'll be signing up to the EDL next! ;-)

  2. Ha Ha the EDL, trust me there is absolutely no chance of that, I was just rambling that nobody does pomp and ceremony like us Brits.