Sunday, 25 September 2011

Had a trip to The lavender barn tea rooms today with Tony and Rob a couple of mates, all in all an enjoyable morning ride clocking up a nice steady 28 miles there and back.
Weather was a bit damp but not too bad and we avoided most of the rain whilst we sat and eat our cheese and bacon toasties.

A well deserved cheese and bacon toastie

I also fitted my whyte with a Zefal Swan Mudguard which did a reasonable job of keeping my fat arse dry.
Sorry about the crap picture

You can just about make it out


  1. I've heard horrible things about British food, but that "toastie" looks really good.

  2. David you just need to know where to look,there are loads of great British dishes, roast beef and yorkshire puddings, fish and chips, beef stew and dumplings mmmmmmmmmmmmhhh all no good for you of course.