Tuesday, 13 September 2011

First commute on the Giant

Today is my only day in work this week, I have booked some time off but couldn't get out of a meeting today in Bury so had to work, I didn't have to be in till 10 am so I did the 29 mile route wanting to give the Giant a good go at commuting and I must say it went well.
It was an absolutely glorious morning with the sun shining and it was quite warm.
I even managed 26 mph on my best descent of the commute which is about what I get on my Whyte and when I looked at my computer whilst riding on the flat I was bobbing along at about 19 mph........ Pretty good.

I drove to Bury home of the delicious Black Pudding for my meeting and when I came out of the building to drive back to sunny Stockport, it was raining sideways !!!!

It was torrential !!!

Back at sunny Stockport the weather was fine again ??

The journey home though was tough the wind had picked up and I was blown all over but there you go.
I have decided to take David's advice though as my Giant is smaller and has 26 inch wheels as apposed to 700c its easier to fit in the car , So I have ordered some full mudguards for those winter commutes. I shall update you when they arrive and I "try" to fit them.

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