Friday, 16 September 2011

Busy Busy Busy

But no bike riding, My Missis  went to London yesterday, She used to work down there and has gone to see some old workmates, so I have been on school run duties and as yesterday was payday shopping as the cupboards are bare, so I have no time for a ride even though I'm still off on holiday.

However my mudguards arrived yesterday from Amazon so I had half an hour spare before picking the kids up from school so I managed to fit them.They were a bit fiddly and I had to improvise with another bracket on the front and put longer bolts in than the ones they had sent.

Here is the result...... looks OK I think I just need some rain now to test them

Today is take the kids to school, take my Mum and Dad to Manchester Airport, Get my hair cut, pick up kids and then swimming lessons and tea ! so unlikely I will ride today too.

PS. Day 3 today of no cigarettes I'm starting to feel more positive, food management crap though but I'm focusing on getting off the weed this week.


  1. The mudguards look good. You'll be seeking out the puddles soon. :)

  2. Just discovered your blog, after your comment on mine. I enjoyed reading several of your posts. You seem to have done a good job on your new mudguards, and the bike looks great. Cheers.

  3. David ~~ Its never long without rain here so I should be testing them soon.
    Welshcyclist ~ Glad you like the blog, The Pictures aren't as picturesque as yours though. I would rather cycle to work where you do than Warrington/Manchester but you can't have everything I suppose

  4. Might be worth extending the mudguards with some mudflaps, you can knock them up pretty easily, those won't keep your feet dry the length they are, trust me on this!

  5. I saw your post regarding this I just need to figure out what a self tapping screw is and I will have a go