Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another wet and windy one

I'm off work on holiday till Monday now so rather sit on my large posterior I decided to try and keep up with the peddling while I'm off, so Today I headed out to the trans pennine trail and went the opposite way I normally go towards  Spike Island which has such a pleasant description on Wikipedia (not) and onto the Runcorn Bridge.

As usual the wind was in my face and it was very showery but I pressed on along the canal path knowing it would be an easier ride back.

The Runcorn Bridge

I headed back past this odd looking structure I have absolutely no idea what it is, it looks like a collection of stolen hubcaps from Liverpool all thrown together on a giant stick

Art ???

17 miles in total today.
I'm not too sure what will happen this week with the weight although I have been riding I know I haven't been as disciplined on the food front this week but we shall see what Saturday brings.

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