Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ah cycling bliss

After yesterdays train journey on the 0823 hrs cattle waggon from Penketh to Manchester Oxford Road where I sat with one butt cheek on a seat facing some suit on a laptop, a bloke on a kindle a lad on his I- phone on the next table was another suit on a laptop whilst texting on his mobile a bloke with an mp3 player and another knob who made 6 phone calls on the 30 minute journey and spoke loud enough so the whole carriage could hear him..... Today was bliss

A leisurely 27 mile bike ride in glorious sunshine with Dave my next door neighbour who has just bought a bike after retiring (lucky sod) and Tony , we headed off along the trans pennine trail and made our way to Red House Farm tea rooms where a very nice sausage and egg barm was consumed before riding back.
I am used to riding with Tony but not with Dave who is just getting into cycling really and on the way he ended up catching his handlebars on my leg he came off his bike, luckily no injury other than a bruised elbow but I don't suppose you are a proper cyclist untill you have come off once or twice.

Me and Dave

Me and Tony

My diet at the moment is not good I'm either eating too much or nowhere near enough in a day as life is still on its head and I need to get a grip of it.
But I suppose this journey has both ups and downs and I think, no I know I am currently on a down but I will sort it

A good day today they it was good to get back on the bike

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