Monday, 12 September 2011

16 miles to nowhere

I got out this morning on my new steed to give it a bit of a test run.
I was out for an hour and 45 mins and had a right good tootle round and went no place imparticular, and only clocked up 16 miles in that time but I don't care it was good to get out and just chill for a bit.
I took my deaf pod and had a few tunes too as I knew that most of my riding was going to be done off road.
I had a ride down Sankey Valley park which runs along the canal.

Sankey valley park

I made my way over to where the M62 crosses over this is miles from the canal but there is an old dry dock here so I presume at some time the canal must of come this far

Dry Dock
From here I doubled back on myself so I didn't have to go back on the road and made my way over past where I had come from and made my way over to the Transpennine trail and followed this for a bit till it reached the river Mersey

The river Mersey looking a bit choppy today

The transpennine trail

I even stopped for a bit of contemplation

Me contemplating (didn't take long)

Then back on my new steed

The Giant
Well the bike was good, It definitely is different to the whyte and feels more like a mountain bike and can be thrown around a bit more but it is still pretty nippy with 38 mm slick tyres on.
Now I know I am not the fastest rider in the world and will never ever be so, but I can put on a bit of speed if I have to, but some cyclist are just so slow and get in your way.
In the 16 miles I did I got stuck behind this cyclist for the last 7 miles and no matter what I did I just couldn't overtake her and had to stay behind her (until she rang the police)

PS. Happy Birthday Billy

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