Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tyres !

Talking about Tyres in my last post and having a day off today I decided to give mine on my hybrid a once over as this seems to be the bike I do most of my commuting on.

Every now and then I let my tyres down and give em a good looking at squeezing them between my fingers its amazing how many cuts and nicks there are embedded with small pieces of glass which can be removed to stop them working any further in.

The front tyre had a few but the rear which takes all the weight of my fat arse had loads of nicks and cuts in it and the beginnings of a bulge !

I think it will be time for a new tyre sooner than I had hoped.Not a brilliant picture but its there and quite deep

The beginnings of an egg, as they say I think the writing is on the wall


  1. I glue my cuts with super glue.

  2. Cheers Toby, just found the super glue to try it and cant get the bloody lid off its set solid I will get some new stuff tomorrow

  3. Another good way of extending tyre life is to swap front for back. I do that all the time, it just gives my back tyre a rest from my enormous weight!

  4. Good idea I think I shall give that a try and let the one on the rear now finish its life on the front and vica versa