Sunday, 7 August 2011

A tough week ahead

Since starting my weight loss journey once a week I have been having a bit of a day off with food management and alcohol intake this has usually been Saturday night after my weigh in in the morning it gives me a week to lose weight starting from Sunday after all you do need to enjoy yourself from time to time.

Last night was a good one loads to eat and loads to drink but we had a good time. This week will be a tough one but you can bet your life I will be giving it a go. My aim this week is to lose that 1/2 llb to take me to a full stone lost (14lb)

Back to commuting on the bike tomorrow but I have some 2am finishes coming up at the end of the week I don't know why but  it puts me off biking at 2am it must be something psychological that I need to get my head round, so hopefully will be able to commute all week.

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