Thursday, 18 August 2011

A tadge on the damp side

Did the whole commute again today there and back on the road bike which was 47 miles round trip. Not much to say really I went a different way in which forced me to go 2 miles along the A57 and over Warburton Bridge which is a toll bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal 12p one way or 25p for a day ticket ( I wonder how much they take in a day, its always mad busy in rush hour? )
Anyway bikes are free and it was before it was open this morning when I went over.

On the way back I avoided the A57 much too busy for my liking at that time of day.
The Weather forecast was for a nice day all day then rain at 7pm........ lying bleeders.

I got wetter than a wet thing in water about 15 miles from home and had to stop to get my waterproofs and overshoes on, then after putting my boil in the bag waterproof on, it stopped bloody raining and I got wet on the inside of my jacket with sweat.

Never mind but I'm a bit tired now after 95 miles of commuting in 2 days, I'm not doing there and back tomorrow on the bike I shall be multi modal travelling........ ?


  1. Great stuff, 95 miles in 2 days for a commute is very impressive!
    Just found your blog, Ill catch up with previous posts and link you in on my blog!

  2. Cheers Matt, 95 miles in 2 days isn't normal for me I guess I just woke up a bit early and thought what the heck !

  3. 95 miles is impressive. Been following your blog for awhile now. Particularly liked the one about Doris. I see her all the time, and sometimes she's a man!

  4. Ha Ha thanks Robin, Doris is everywhere and like you say sometimes she is a man and drives all sorts of vehicles, I did see her the other day driving a bus " Beware of Doris".