Monday, 8 August 2011


I have suffered today on several fronts

I checked the weather forecast yesterday and all looked fine, I set off today it was a bit damp but the sun came and out and it was a nice pleasant ride in to work in fact a very enjoyable 11.5 miles considering I was on my way to work, I usually prefer coming home who doesn't ?
As the day went on it went duller then started to rain in fact not just rain but lash it down. Bloody hell I thought I will get soaked going home if this carries on, but not to worry the sun came out again. What did I suffer with WIND not the flatulence smelly kind but very strong weather type, My god was it windy coming home. I was down to 9 mph at one point on the flat watching all the other cyclists going the other way doing about 20 mph with big smiles on their faces whilst I was groaning and grimacing going the opposite direction
My ride in was 50 mins my ride back to my car was 64 another 14 mins on my journey.
Below is a small video taken on my mobile phone when I got back to my car, just to show you how windy it was. I hate riding in the wind I would rather it pissed down on me

I have had a problem with the saddle on my whyte hybrid creaking, I have had it off, greased the rails tightened it up but it's still creaking. I think I am going to have to buy a new saddle I fancy a Brooks B17   saddle but at around £60 I need to know it will be right for me.

I hate insects and things that bite and sting, on Saturday night I got stung by a wasp 3 times, It somehow got inside my shirt stung me twice on my back and once rather embarrassingly right next to my left nipple.When I finally got it out my shirt the little bastard just flew off I didn't even get time to stand on the the little sod.
Yesterday wasn't too bad a bit of discomfort with it but after I cycled to work this morning the sting near my nipple was really red and swollen and gradually got worse over the morning.
I showed some of the lads at work who kindly just sat there and laughed at me ! In the end I had to go the chemist and get some anti histamine tablets. I will see how that goes if it doesn't go I will have to go the Doc's for anti-bio tics.
I don't know how women cyclists go on with breasticles I think I will have to borrow one of the wife's bra's if it gets any bigger or maybe put it in a sling !!!!!!

One thing though I didn't suffer today though was HELMET HAIR. cos I forgot my cycle helmet.
I normally nearly always ride wearing my helmet, but understand both sides of the argument for and against and I don't have an opinion either way, but one thing I found out Its easier to stop sweat getting in your eyes without a helmet, cos its easier to wipe your head not wearing it.

Anyway a good if not windy 23 mile commute today and I shall see what tomorrow brings

PS. I cycled through the 1000 mile commuting  mark on my Whyte today since I got it at the end of March on the cycle to work scheme, at about 35 miles to the gallon that's saved me up till now about £180 in fuel and I have paid for it so far £128


  1. See if you can try the saddle first: I got a standard B17 and it was just too wide. Luckily wiggle changed it for free, but it took quite a while. I've been on the end of a few slaggings over the old-school nature of mine, it's still hard to the touch but it's probably the most comfortable of all the saddles used last week. (still not broken in after 1000 miles, but just starting to!)

  2. Cheers, I will have acloser look at the standard and the narrow and see what I think before committing