Saturday, 20 August 2011

Something strange happened

Something strange happened Today
Something I'm not quite used to,
I cant get my head round it, but it definitely happened
I wonder if it would happen again next time.?

I took my Whyte to my new appointed LBS as the rear brake was making a noise and as mentioned previously there has been a ticking noise driving me mad for a couple of weeks when I pedalled

And do you know what happened ? .................... They only bloody fixed it .............. !!!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm used to going to the bike shop I bought my bike from to be told " no I cant hear it" or " Your cycling in too high a gear you, Ive seen you riding round and your in too high a gear " WTF ? Leave it with us I will have a look you can pick it up 3 weeks next Thursday If I have time to do it by then.
Then when I do finally get my bike back 1 of the 3 things I wanted sorting has "possibly" been done and its got other peoples bike parts on.
So I voted with my feet and took my bike to John Geddes Cycles in Widnes and said to the staff

1 Can you look at this ticking noise its driving me mad
2 Can you look at my back brake its making a noise

Certainly they said pick it up later we close at 5. " Do you mean today" I had to confirm ??? " Yes" was his reply with a puzzled look on his face
I sauntered in around 2pm here you go its ready they said, £25, We had to put new pads on the back brake and we tightened up your pedal cranks and greased them to stop the ticking Its all sorted now.

I WILL be going back there

When I got home I put my new tyre on the front and put the old front tyre on the back

Here's the inside of my old tyre I took off the back wouldn't of lasted many more miles


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