Monday, 15 August 2011

A small rant

I set off for work today to do my 23 mile route today but noticing that the odometer on my cycle computer read 1074 miles I knew that when I got home it would only read 1097 that would never do oh no. So my OCD kicked in again and I just had to do the 30 mile route so the odometer went over the 1100 miles !! bizarre

This is my rant today folks

As I have mentioned before I use the transpennine trail which at this time of year especially on a Sunday is full of walkers, cyclists horse riders and yes Ive mentioned it before DOG I now the trail is for everyone and if you use it abide by the rules as I was cycling along I noticed this
Click the picture to enlarge there on the right hand side is a little dog toffee making machine caught red handed  pawed making a little bundle of dog toffee. The owner the chap in the blue coat didn't have a clue what his dog was doing, surely if you take your dog out you expect at some point during your walk it is going to crap somewhere. I had to point this out to the owner who apologised ( yeah well save it for the parent of the small child who steps in it or even worse picks it up or the cyclist who rides through it). Nothing against dogs or people owning them just pick the shit up.

Rant 2
I carried on my merry way at about 15 miles an hour, I have a bell on my bike to let people know I'm approaching and I only use it when approaching people from behind but I was met by a family of 5 doris's walking TOWARDS me I got nearer and nearer did they move did they bollox 5 of them spread all the way across the path.They must be blind In the end I had to come to a stop as they sauntered past to a large TUT from me not one of them had any gumption to just move over so I didn't have to stop.

Anyway rant over
a good 30 miler today and off for 2 days now

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