Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday weigh in

Well folks I have lost weight again, this week I weighed in at 15stone 4 7/8 lbs ( 214.9 lbs) that's a loss of just short of 1 lb or in new money 0.9 lb making a loss of 16.1 lbs since I started.......Its going good.

For the amount of effort in miles I have put in this week this figure seems small, but I know the reason why, Monday and Tuesday just gone were my days off this week, after working all last week and through the weekend.
Last Saturday I was working but had a curry at work and then as both me and Mrs S were working all weekend the kids had been at their Grandparents for a sleepover so between Monday and Tuesday I consumed a bottle of red wine and we took the Kids to Pizza Hut one night for tea.

How can this be done if I'm on a diet ?

Well I'm not on a diet is my answer I am managing my food, this has to be a long term solution to me being overweight and occasionally I will, I'm pretty sure now, that if for the majority of the time I manage my food intake all will be well, every now and again I will eat out or pig out but as long as I know to reign that back after I have done it i will get that downward trend in weight.
After all life will always throw those things in your way and life is for living so instead of saying " I cant I'm on a diet" say go on then knowing that for 99% of the time you can manage your food intake no problem.
It really isn't rocket science we all know whats good and bad for you this week I know the bad things I have had are
Chicken Madras with a Nan bread
3 small beers
1 bottle red wine
Meal out a pizza hut
a mars bar
A dinky pork pie

When my weight starts to get harder to lose I may have to reconsider this we shall see, but at the moment I'm on a journey of discovery and it seems to be working

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