Friday, 19 August 2011

Multi Modal Commuting

Transportation today was a combination of train and bike, I sometimes get the train to work and ride home which is what I did today giving me a 28 mile cycle in total.
I got the 0622 hrs train from Sankey station near to where I live which is the first train in the morning out of Liverpool and this takes me into Warrington.

As the train pulled in it is usually a quiet train as Its the first one from Liverpool but about 6 or 7 youths got off aged about 18/19 yrs, I thought for a minute a new call centre had opened nearby and I hadn't heard about it but when I got on the train there was about another 30 youths all the same age and it was apparent they had all been on the Lash in Liverpool all night and were just coming home ( lucky buggers).
I got the train to Warrington then caught one to Manchester Piccadilly then one to Stockport.

                                          A very interesting picture of my bike on a train

With all the cycling I have done this week I treated myself to this today to go with my butties

It was only a dinky one ( honest, its taken close up) anyway they are fat free on a Friday !

I also purchased a new tyre today for my Whyte, I decided against a Schwalbe Marathon Plus because I have been thinking with all the problems I have had with this bike I don't know yet whether I am going to keep it long term or change it early next year when its paid for, Instead I went for this I have had them before and they are a good commuting tyre but nearly half the price of the schwalbe. When the Whyte is working I love it. Having purchased said tyre I couldn't fit it as I was on my road bike so I had to somehow transport it home this is how I fastened it to my rucksack

Now as you can see it droops down quite a bit from the bottom of my bag but as I was on the road bike this wasn't much of a problem as I was lent more forward. I caught it a few times on my arse and legs but on the whole it was OK................. Until.............. I got about 1/2 mile from home and for anyone that doesn't know Warrington is the land of roundabouts. I had to stop at a roundabout and when I set off the bloody tyre got caught under the saddle I missed my pedal so was poncing about in the middle of the roundabout trying to get my foot clipped in when I did I tried to sprint away only to end up like one of those babies in those bouncy things that hang on doors with my arse going up and down on my saddle, I nearly knocked all the fillings out my teeth.
I bet it looked funny though. anyway not to worry home safe and well.
No riding tomorrow I'm off so I finish my week on 154 miles all but 1 of those miles was commuting..over 4 days Phew

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