Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I have a face for radio !

Yesterday me and my youngest lad Billy had a play out on our bikes 

We rode through the forest shooting monsters

Rode over bridges with Trolls underneath

Then sped along paths faster than Lightning McQueen 

He's a Mad Lad is our Billy.............!

Anyway I was back to commuting again today and did another 48 miler to work and back leaving at 0545 am this morning. It took me 1 Hour 40 mins on the Hybrid

Here is a picture of me on my way home and as the title says " I have a face for radio"

I am incidentally wearing my new Karrimor cycling top purchased yesterday from Sports Direct at a what I think is a bargain price of £7 ( I know its a bit orange)
I checked the egg on my rear tyre and I don't think 47 miles on it did it too much good it is developing quite well now and I really think a tyre change is on the cards for that tyre, and my bloody back brake is making an odd noise now, they are hydraulic disc brakes so I am not touching them so it will be a trip to my new LBS this weekend with the Whyte.
I have pumped up the tyres on the road bike for tomorrow.


  1. Hey Mark - nice blog :>)

    I don't know what you ride over but I had a go on a bike the other week with some huge 'Schwalbe Fat Franks' tyres that were a real surprise. Pretty comfy otherwise & whilst no good for mud, are faster than you would expect - they are almost the diameter of your roadbike tyres.

  2. Thanks Ian, they look pretty cool but I think they would take me about 4 hours to get to work on them they look good though looks like it would be like riding an armchair