Thursday, 25 August 2011

Grease is the word

As sung in the movie by who ????? did you say the Bee Gees............ Nope.

It was Franki Valli top pub quiz question that one.(Actually the title is just "Grease")

What the bloody hell am I going on about, Well before setting off for work yesterday afternoon I changed my saddle in an attempt to stop it creaking when I put the new saddle on I covered where metal touched metal with grease

My other saddle fitted and greased
I had a quick ride up the road...... Still bloody creaking, so it's not the saddle.
Then I greased up the parts on the stem clamp and seat stem

a greased clamp
I didn't have time for a test ride as I had to get off for work, Did this do the trick ? I would say about 80% of the creaking is gone which means something else is creaking too, so in order I don't become typecast as being Victor Meldrew I am going to shut up about creaks from now on, but if I ever find out whats creaking I will bore you with it.

It's good riding along the Transpennine trail as there are no cars, so I use it often but the downside is that when your on your way home after a late shift there are no lights and it's bloody dark.
For about a month now I have been searching for my other front light bracket, I put it somewhere safe so I would be able to find it again and it didn't get thrown out by Mrs S and as for the life of me I haven't been able to find it since, but today I found it so I was able to go twin headlights making the track a little easier to see, It's still not brilliant but there you go. Another thing for my wish list for winter one of these babies.

Twin Headlights, reet posh
Oh and by the way look at how reflective my new front tyre is

And I did the 30 miler today, the mileage is clocking up this month but will let you know the final figure next week

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