Friday, 5 August 2011

Exploration ride

I have a day off today so went for a bit of an explore on my road bike 18 miles of where I have never been before.
I set off into Burtonwood, then into Vulcan Village where all the houses are the same and were built to house the workers from  Vulcan Foundry which was a foundry making Locomotives. From here I went into Newton-le-willows and down into Winick then went off at an angle to explore, at this point I was passed by two Lycra wearing racing snakes on road bikes wearing what looked like a local club kit, I followed them for about a mile and a half but by this time this fat bloke in Lycra was blowing out his arse !
I then realised I hadn't got a clue where I was so turned round and went back the same way.
I went back through Burtonwood and home a pleasant morning out.
Weigh in tomorrow morning fingers crossed

A stone monument on the side of a house in Vulcan Village reminds me of houses in Northern Ireland

All the houses are the same, even the pub is the same, there is no problem keeping up with the Jones'es here

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