Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Decisions ?

When I bought my road bike 2 years ago now, I wandered into the bike shop and looked at all the shiny array of bikes and after a 5 minute test ride and without any other sort of considered opinion said " I will have that one ".
I didn't have much clue about bikes (still don't to be honest).
To be fair I don't think I made a bad choice albeit based on looks as apposed what the bike had component wise I suppose all the bikes in a certain price range have similar sort of components, and I didn't give much consideration to where I wanted to ride,

The Road bike

When I bought my Hybrid I think I gave it a bit more thought as to where and how I would ride this bike and this is why despite the problems I have had with it this tends to be the bike I pick up when I cycle.

The Hybrid

Don't get me wrong I love my road bike but find that I seldom use it.
Last year me and some mates got out on road bikes on a Sunday quite often but 2 of them have now had a new shift pattern and my missis went back to shifts In July making it harder to plan trips out consequently we have only managed to get out once this year on the road bikes and with winter approaching if last year is anything to go by my road bike seemed to go into hibernation around the end of September and I don't think I rode it again till April this year.
So I am considering selling my road bike after I have done the Manchester 100 Mile next week.

If I sell it I will probably be getting something to use on the really shitty days over winter, but what ? and finally this is my point ( thank god for that I hear you say) what the bloody hell do I get, there is just too much choice folks, when you were a kid you got a bike and rode it,nowadays there are road bikes, Hybrids, single speeds mountain bikes, hub gears, fixed wheel,touring bikes, cyclo cross bikes etc etc.all of which could possibly be suitable for me.
Yesterday following Clive's recent post on his blog about his new single speed commuter I tried a bit of single speeding, I know nowt about gear ratios I just peddle so I got in a gear that was what I thought OK and I was able to peddle along around 15 mph on the flat and rode to work, It wasn't any problem really I had to get out the saddle at lights to set off and it definitely gave me a better work out but do I want that when in December its 2am raining dark and windy I'm trying to get home ? I don't know.
Someone at work is selling a Giant Escape M1 after being knocked off, it needs a bit of work do I get this ?
Do I get a second hand road bike I don't mind getting all shitted up
Do I get a cheap mountain bike
Decisions Decisions Decisions
Whatever I decide today I will probably change tomorrow I think I need to decide to be more decisive !

Anyway enough bollox rambling by me
Did the 23 mile route in yesterday without incident apart from my saddle is creaking again, I have another and I'm going to swap it over before I ride to work today just cant decide whether to ride all the way there and back do the 30 mile or the 23. I'm just shit at making decisions


  1. Try Ebay, it's where I got my singlespeed from. Bear in mind winter commuting makes mudguards a must!

    I like the look of the Giant though! Ta for the shout out too!

  2. Clive I think I will have a good look at the Giant just depends what needs doing on it and what the price is of course, and yep I think mudguards will be the order of the day, Failing that I shall be scanning ebay