Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A crap day

I worked an early today or so I thought out the house this morning at 6 am to drive/cycle to work which was a pleasant enough ride in to get to work for 8 am
I ended up working till 11 pm !
I was /am bolloxed and because of the Rioting that has occurred tonight in Manchester and Salford which is about 8/9 Miles from where I work at 11pm after a 15 hour shift I decided it may not be too safe cycling home as who knows who is about. So I locked my bike up in the bike shed at work and a mate drove me back to where my car was parked.
I am next in on Thursday and will have to drive to collect my bike
Food management today was crap as I hadn't planned being at work so long so had nothing with me so I ate crap.
All I can say about the rioting in my City tonight is SHAMEFUL.
I'm off to bed


  1. The rioting is shameful... and annoying and disruptive to those trying to go about their day.

    Louisville hasn't had riots since 1968:

  2. David, It's as most things these days a minority of people spoiling things for the majority. It is just a copycat of the problems in London in my opinion but its no way to go about sorting things out,It's pouring with rain here at the moment so hopefully there wont be a re-occurence tonight, it's not what I want my kids to see