Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A bit of fettling sorted it

After having my bike fixed over the weekend and me changing the tyres I was looking forward to riding my Whyte to work. It was a glorious sunny day so off I set down the Transpennine trail, about half a mile along my gears started to slip really badly "What the F*@K  is up now" I thought,I trundled on and after about 2 miles my right buttock started to get a pain in it so much so after about 4 miles I was seriously considering riding back to my car and driving in to work.
This can't be right I thought, I stopped to see if I could sort out my gears,  I turned my bike upside down loosened the back skewer and had a fettle, tightened it back up problem sorted.
I somehow mustn't of put the wheel back on straight when I changed my tyres, Its amazing how such a slight alteration to how your bike is normally set up makes a difference, even my posterior benefited as the pain seemed to go away.
As it was such a sunny day there were loads of people on the trail today thankfully no Doris's, I don't remember seeing all these people in January or February when it was minus 8. Don't these people know that I own this trail and its for my own personal use

                                                                                                                                                          The last few rides I have been riding without my helmet following a discussion on the pro's and cons of wearing a bike helmet  I thought I would give it a try   and see.
Now I nearly always wear mine but have no strong opinion either way one of the arguments is that if you dont wear a helmet drivers are more curteous towards you and give you more room.
Well after my extensive reasearch of about 3 rides without a helmet I can tell you there seems to me to be absolutely no difference whatsoever.
The one thing I have concluded from this NASA type experiment that I carried out is that if you do wear a helmet I can say 100% you get

Helmet hair

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