Monday, 1 August 2011

Beware of Doris you have been warned

On my commute in this morning I met Doris, I have met Doris many times whilst out and about cycling on this occasion she appeared in the guise of an OAP with a blue rinse, head just above the steering wheel driving a silver Nissan Micra.
Doris can appear in any shape and driving any vehicle so cyclists beware.

Today I saw Doris in Timperley as I was cycling along at about 18 mph she was there lurking in the left junction ahead, I saw her look left and I saw her not look right then she timed her move to perfection and in total oblivion pulled out in front of me having no idea whatsoever I was there.
Amongst the cursing and swearing ( from me not Doris) and even though I knew she would do it I pulled to the left and tried to nip up the inside of her as there was no way I could of stopped, this is when Doris had her second bite of the cherry, In her inability to drive she had obviously pulled too far out into the road and with her delayed action corrected this, as I tried to get past the inside she neatly pulled back toward the kerb to try and kneecap me. As I banged on the side of her car I don't think Doris's brain could compute how I got there.
Lets just hope I don't meet her going home

If you cycle beware of Doris's they are lurking around every corner

PS I apologise if your called Doris please feel free to call your Doris whatever you want


  1. Don't often have encounters with Doris. Keep your eyes peeled!

  2. She lurks everywhere !!! ha ha