Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August stats

Miles cycled this year 2213
Miles cycled this month 547
weight as of 270811      15 st 1 3/4 lb (211.75 lbs)
Total weight loss from start  19.25 lbs
Total weight loss this month 6.75 lbs

Well that's what I call a good month, previously I was struggling to do 400 miles a month and never lost weight.
I just need to keep this going.

This week has been a bugger to get cycling with days off and oversleeping and having to drive it was last Wednesday since I had a proper ride on my bike but I have kept at the food management and it's paying off.
I haven't cycled today and had to drive to work for childcare reasons and I'm off tomorrow and have the kids so wont be able to ride but will be back on the bike on Thursday but then I will be taking 2 days off prior to the Manchester 100 on Sunday.

September may see a drop in mileage as I have some holidays booked and at the end of September I have to work in Manchester city centre with nowhere to leave my bike so we shall see how it goes and for that reason I am not setting a mileage target for September.
On the weight loss front I want to lose another 5 lbs where I shall be hitting real new territory for me in the 14 st bracket ( Blimey I can't remember when I was last there ).

PS off to the LBS tomorrow to order Billy's new bike for his birthday ( Don't tell him will you or it will ruin the surprise)

PPS Incidentally I have cycled past this month my total mileage for last year who knows what the figure will be this year

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