Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August stats

Miles cycled this year 2213
Miles cycled this month 547
weight as of 270811      15 st 1 3/4 lb (211.75 lbs)
Total weight loss from start  19.25 lbs
Total weight loss this month 6.75 lbs

Well that's what I call a good month, previously I was struggling to do 400 miles a month and never lost weight.
I just need to keep this going.

This week has been a bugger to get cycling with days off and oversleeping and having to drive it was last Wednesday since I had a proper ride on my bike but I have kept at the food management and it's paying off.
I haven't cycled today and had to drive to work for childcare reasons and I'm off tomorrow and have the kids so wont be able to ride but will be back on the bike on Thursday but then I will be taking 2 days off prior to the Manchester 100 on Sunday.

September may see a drop in mileage as I have some holidays booked and at the end of September I have to work in Manchester city centre with nowhere to leave my bike so we shall see how it goes and for that reason I am not setting a mileage target for September.
On the weight loss front I want to lose another 5 lbs where I shall be hitting real new territory for me in the 14 st bracket ( Blimey I can't remember when I was last there ).

PS off to the LBS tomorrow to order Billy's new bike for his birthday ( Don't tell him will you or it will ruin the surprise)

PPS Incidentally I have cycled past this month my total mileage for last year who knows what the figure will be this year

Monday, 29 August 2011

August pictures

Here are some of the pictures I have taken whilst out and about on my bike in August click to enlarge

Waiting for the 0622 hrs to Warrington central

Transpennine trail

The lovely M6 Motorway

Transpennine trail again

Linotype works apparently this is a listed building and the factory used to make printing machines

Click to see the pink plastic cow ! 

The bridgewater canal

Only real men wear pink

Night rider

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Oh yes

Weigh in this morning on the scales was 15st 1 3/4 lbs ( 211.75 lbs) that's down just a smidgen over 3 lbs this week FANTASTIC.
I have ridden this week owing to days off just over 80 miles but the food management has been a lot better this week, It just goes to show the majority of this weight loss is down to the crap you either do or don't shove in your mouth.

On the down side I didn't get much sleep last night due to the rain pounding at the bedroom window keeping me awake and consequently I overslept big time and had to drive into work.
As I parked on the car park at work it struck me I cant remember the last time I parked here in my own car

Friday, 26 August 2011

A trip to the LBS

Me and the lads went to the LBS today as it's Billy's 6 th birthday early next month and he wants a BMX bike.

I think this will be the one, he only rides in the street and he doesn't need an all singing and dancing one but this looks good for the money.

Back to commuting tomorrow but I hope the weather picks up outside at the moment is torrential rail and thunderstorms !!!! Well it is Bank Holiday weekend after all

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Preparation is everything

I have a day off today so took the opportunity to get everything together for next weeks forthcoming Manchester 100 miler 

That should just about do it,

Cant think of anything else I will need

Grease is the word

As sung in the movie by who ????? did you say the Bee Gees............ Nope.

It was Franki Valli top pub quiz question that one.(Actually the title is just "Grease")

What the bloody hell am I going on about, Well before setting off for work yesterday afternoon I changed my saddle in an attempt to stop it creaking when I put the new saddle on I covered where metal touched metal with grease

My other saddle fitted and greased
I had a quick ride up the road...... Still bloody creaking, so it's not the saddle.
Then I greased up the parts on the stem clamp and seat stem

a greased clamp
I didn't have time for a test ride as I had to get off for work, Did this do the trick ? I would say about 80% of the creaking is gone which means something else is creaking too, so in order I don't become typecast as being Victor Meldrew I am going to shut up about creaks from now on, but if I ever find out whats creaking I will bore you with it.

It's good riding along the Transpennine trail as there are no cars, so I use it often but the downside is that when your on your way home after a late shift there are no lights and it's bloody dark.
For about a month now I have been searching for my other front light bracket, I put it somewhere safe so I would be able to find it again and it didn't get thrown out by Mrs S and as for the life of me I haven't been able to find it since, but today I found it so I was able to go twin headlights making the track a little easier to see, It's still not brilliant but there you go. Another thing for my wish list for winter one of these babies.

Twin Headlights, reet posh
Oh and by the way look at how reflective my new front tyre is

And I did the 30 miler today, the mileage is clocking up this month but will let you know the final figure next week

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Decisions ?

When I bought my road bike 2 years ago now, I wandered into the bike shop and looked at all the shiny array of bikes and after a 5 minute test ride and without any other sort of considered opinion said " I will have that one ".
I didn't have much clue about bikes (still don't to be honest).
To be fair I don't think I made a bad choice albeit based on looks as apposed what the bike had component wise I suppose all the bikes in a certain price range have similar sort of components, and I didn't give much consideration to where I wanted to ride,

The Road bike

When I bought my Hybrid I think I gave it a bit more thought as to where and how I would ride this bike and this is why despite the problems I have had with it this tends to be the bike I pick up when I cycle.

The Hybrid

Don't get me wrong I love my road bike but find that I seldom use it.
Last year me and some mates got out on road bikes on a Sunday quite often but 2 of them have now had a new shift pattern and my missis went back to shifts In July making it harder to plan trips out consequently we have only managed to get out once this year on the road bikes and with winter approaching if last year is anything to go by my road bike seemed to go into hibernation around the end of September and I don't think I rode it again till April this year.
So I am considering selling my road bike after I have done the Manchester 100 Mile next week.

If I sell it I will probably be getting something to use on the really shitty days over winter, but what ? and finally this is my point ( thank god for that I hear you say) what the bloody hell do I get, there is just too much choice folks, when you were a kid you got a bike and rode it,nowadays there are road bikes, Hybrids, single speeds mountain bikes, hub gears, fixed wheel,touring bikes, cyclo cross bikes etc etc.all of which could possibly be suitable for me.
Yesterday following Clive's recent post on his blog about his new single speed commuter I tried a bit of single speeding, I know nowt about gear ratios I just peddle so I got in a gear that was what I thought OK and I was able to peddle along around 15 mph on the flat and rode to work, It wasn't any problem really I had to get out the saddle at lights to set off and it definitely gave me a better work out but do I want that when in December its 2am raining dark and windy I'm trying to get home ? I don't know.
Someone at work is selling a Giant Escape M1 after being knocked off, it needs a bit of work do I get this ?
Do I get a second hand road bike I don't mind getting all shitted up
Do I get a cheap mountain bike
Decisions Decisions Decisions
Whatever I decide today I will probably change tomorrow I think I need to decide to be more decisive !

Anyway enough bollox rambling by me
Did the 23 mile route in yesterday without incident apart from my saddle is creaking again, I have another and I'm going to swap it over before I ride to work today just cant decide whether to ride all the way there and back do the 30 mile or the 23. I'm just shit at making decisions

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A bit of fettling sorted it

After having my bike fixed over the weekend and me changing the tyres I was looking forward to riding my Whyte to work. It was a glorious sunny day so off I set down the Transpennine trail, about half a mile along my gears started to slip really badly "What the F*@K  is up now" I thought,I trundled on and after about 2 miles my right buttock started to get a pain in it so much so after about 4 miles I was seriously considering riding back to my car and driving in to work.
This can't be right I thought, I stopped to see if I could sort out my gears,  I turned my bike upside down loosened the back skewer and had a fettle, tightened it back up problem sorted.
I somehow mustn't of put the wheel back on straight when I changed my tyres, Its amazing how such a slight alteration to how your bike is normally set up makes a difference, even my posterior benefited as the pain seemed to go away.
As it was such a sunny day there were loads of people on the trail today thankfully no Doris's, I don't remember seeing all these people in January or February when it was minus 8. Don't these people know that I own this trail and its for my own personal use

                                                                                                                                                          The last few rides I have been riding without my helmet following a discussion on the pro's and cons of wearing a bike helmet  I thought I would give it a try   and see.
Now I nearly always wear mine but have no strong opinion either way one of the arguments is that if you dont wear a helmet drivers are more curteous towards you and give you more room.
Well after my extensive reasearch of about 3 rides without a helmet I can tell you there seems to me to be absolutely no difference whatsoever.
The one thing I have concluded from this NASA type experiment that I carried out is that if you do wear a helmet I can say 100% you get

Helmet hair

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Something strange happened

Something strange happened Today
Something I'm not quite used to,
I cant get my head round it, but it definitely happened
I wonder if it would happen again next time.?

I took my Whyte to my new appointed LBS as the rear brake was making a noise and as mentioned previously there has been a ticking noise driving me mad for a couple of weeks when I pedalled

And do you know what happened ? .................... They only bloody fixed it .............. !!!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm used to going to the bike shop I bought my bike from to be told " no I cant hear it" or " Your cycling in too high a gear you, Ive seen you riding round and your in too high a gear " WTF ? Leave it with us I will have a look you can pick it up 3 weeks next Thursday If I have time to do it by then.
Then when I do finally get my bike back 1 of the 3 things I wanted sorting has "possibly" been done and its got other peoples bike parts on.
So I voted with my feet and took my bike to John Geddes Cycles in Widnes and said to the staff

1 Can you look at this ticking noise its driving me mad
2 Can you look at my back brake its making a noise

Certainly they said pick it up later we close at 5. " Do you mean today" I had to confirm ??? " Yes" was his reply with a puzzled look on his face
I sauntered in around 2pm here you go its ready they said, £25, We had to put new pads on the back brake and we tightened up your pedal cranks and greased them to stop the ticking Its all sorted now.

I WILL be going back there

When I got home I put my new tyre on the front and put the old front tyre on the back

Here's the inside of my old tyre I took off the back wouldn't of lasted many more miles

Saturday weigh in

Well folks I have lost weight again, this week I weighed in at 15stone 4 7/8 lbs ( 214.9 lbs) that's a loss of just short of 1 lb or in new money 0.9 lb making a loss of 16.1 lbs since I started.......Its going good.

For the amount of effort in miles I have put in this week this figure seems small, but I know the reason why, Monday and Tuesday just gone were my days off this week, after working all last week and through the weekend.
Last Saturday I was working but had a curry at work and then as both me and Mrs S were working all weekend the kids had been at their Grandparents for a sleepover so between Monday and Tuesday I consumed a bottle of red wine and we took the Kids to Pizza Hut one night for tea.

How can this be done if I'm on a diet ?

Well I'm not on a diet is my answer I am managing my food, this has to be a long term solution to me being overweight and occasionally I will, I'm pretty sure now, that if for the majority of the time I manage my food intake all will be well, every now and again I will eat out or pig out but as long as I know to reign that back after I have done it i will get that downward trend in weight.
After all life will always throw those things in your way and life is for living so instead of saying " I cant I'm on a diet" say go on then knowing that for 99% of the time you can manage your food intake no problem.
It really isn't rocket science we all know whats good and bad for you this week I know the bad things I have had are
Chicken Madras with a Nan bread
3 small beers
1 bottle red wine
Meal out a pizza hut
a mars bar
A dinky pork pie

When my weight starts to get harder to lose I may have to reconsider this we shall see, but at the moment I'm on a journey of discovery and it seems to be working

Friday, 19 August 2011

Multi Modal Commuting

Transportation today was a combination of train and bike, I sometimes get the train to work and ride home which is what I did today giving me a 28 mile cycle in total.
I got the 0622 hrs train from Sankey station near to where I live which is the first train in the morning out of Liverpool and this takes me into Warrington.

As the train pulled in it is usually a quiet train as Its the first one from Liverpool but about 6 or 7 youths got off aged about 18/19 yrs, I thought for a minute a new call centre had opened nearby and I hadn't heard about it but when I got on the train there was about another 30 youths all the same age and it was apparent they had all been on the Lash in Liverpool all night and were just coming home ( lucky buggers).
I got the train to Warrington then caught one to Manchester Piccadilly then one to Stockport.

                                          A very interesting picture of my bike on a train

With all the cycling I have done this week I treated myself to this today to go with my butties

It was only a dinky one ( honest, its taken close up) anyway they are fat free on a Friday !

I also purchased a new tyre today for my Whyte, I decided against a Schwalbe Marathon Plus because I have been thinking with all the problems I have had with this bike I don't know yet whether I am going to keep it long term or change it early next year when its paid for, Instead I went for this I have had them before and they are a good commuting tyre but nearly half the price of the schwalbe. When the Whyte is working I love it. Having purchased said tyre I couldn't fit it as I was on my road bike so I had to somehow transport it home this is how I fastened it to my rucksack

Now as you can see it droops down quite a bit from the bottom of my bag but as I was on the road bike this wasn't much of a problem as I was lent more forward. I caught it a few times on my arse and legs but on the whole it was OK................. Until.............. I got about 1/2 mile from home and for anyone that doesn't know Warrington is the land of roundabouts. I had to stop at a roundabout and when I set off the bloody tyre got caught under the saddle I missed my pedal so was poncing about in the middle of the roundabout trying to get my foot clipped in when I did I tried to sprint away only to end up like one of those babies in those bouncy things that hang on doors with my arse going up and down on my saddle, I nearly knocked all the fillings out my teeth.
I bet it looked funny though. anyway not to worry home safe and well.
No riding tomorrow I'm off so I finish my week on 154 miles all but 1 of those miles was commuting..over 4 days Phew

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A tadge on the damp side

Did the whole commute again today there and back on the road bike which was 47 miles round trip. Not much to say really I went a different way in which forced me to go 2 miles along the A57 and over Warburton Bridge which is a toll bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal 12p one way or 25p for a day ticket ( I wonder how much they take in a day, its always mad busy in rush hour? )
Anyway bikes are free and it was before it was open this morning when I went over.

On the way back I avoided the A57 much too busy for my liking at that time of day.
The Weather forecast was for a nice day all day then rain at 7pm........ lying bleeders.

I got wetter than a wet thing in water about 15 miles from home and had to stop to get my waterproofs and overshoes on, then after putting my boil in the bag waterproof on, it stopped bloody raining and I got wet on the inside of my jacket with sweat.

Never mind but I'm a bit tired now after 95 miles of commuting in 2 days, I'm not doing there and back tomorrow on the bike I shall be multi modal travelling........ ?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I have a face for radio !

Yesterday me and my youngest lad Billy had a play out on our bikes 

We rode through the forest shooting monsters

Rode over bridges with Trolls underneath

Then sped along paths faster than Lightning McQueen 

He's a Mad Lad is our Billy.............!

Anyway I was back to commuting again today and did another 48 miler to work and back leaving at 0545 am this morning. It took me 1 Hour 40 mins on the Hybrid

Here is a picture of me on my way home and as the title says " I have a face for radio"

I am incidentally wearing my new Karrimor cycling top purchased yesterday from Sports Direct at a what I think is a bargain price of £7 ( I know its a bit orange)
I checked the egg on my rear tyre and I don't think 47 miles on it did it too much good it is developing quite well now and I really think a tyre change is on the cards for that tyre, and my bloody back brake is making an odd noise now, they are hydraulic disc brakes so I am not touching them so it will be a trip to my new LBS this weekend with the Whyte.
I have pumped up the tyres on the road bike for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tyres !

Talking about Tyres in my last post and having a day off today I decided to give mine on my hybrid a once over as this seems to be the bike I do most of my commuting on.

Every now and then I let my tyres down and give em a good looking at squeezing them between my fingers its amazing how many cuts and nicks there are embedded with small pieces of glass which can be removed to stop them working any further in.

The front tyre had a few but the rear which takes all the weight of my fat arse had loads of nicks and cuts in it and the beginnings of a bulge !

I think it will be time for a new tyre sooner than I had hoped.Not a brilliant picture but its there and quite deep

The beginnings of an egg, as they say I think the writing is on the wall

Wish list

Riding a bike is great, my mind wonders and I think of all sorts,
As I trundle along one of the things I think of is what I must buy for my bikes, I'm not a gadget kind of fella but I do have a wish list.Currently my wish list is as follows

1. A new Brooks  B17 Saddle for my hybrid  (maybe at Christmas)

2. Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres for my hybrid These are in my opinion the best commuting tyres you can get, I had them on my last bike and they are tip top tyres. When my current tyres wear out these are the ones I will be purchasing but at £30 a tyre they ain't cheap but you get what you pay for. (definitely as soon as my other tyres wear out)

3. A new Brooks B17 Narrow saddle for my road bike (again see what father Christmas fetches)

4. A Garmin edge 500 ( current pipe dream) even though I'm not gadget minded I think I could cope with one of these baby's.

5. A new set of Bontrager race lite tyres for my road bike, I have had these tyres on my road bike for the past year and they are I think a good all round tyre for commuting and social riding.

So that is my current wish list at around £420, cheap do this cycling isn't it

Standby as I ride the next time it will all change for something else. I'm sure I could benefit from a new bike jacket !!! Now where did I leave my wallet ??

What's your wish list ?

PS. Yesterday I passed through the 2000 miles cycled in 2011. It was the 4th November last year when I reached this mileage. In 2010 I cycled a total of 2163 miles so hopefully I will smash this in 2011.

Monday, 15 August 2011

A small rant

I set off for work today to do my 23 mile route today but noticing that the odometer on my cycle computer read 1074 miles I knew that when I got home it would only read 1097 that would never do oh no. So my OCD kicked in again and I just had to do the 30 mile route so the odometer went over the 1100 miles !! bizarre

This is my rant today folks

As I have mentioned before I use the transpennine trail which at this time of year especially on a Sunday is full of walkers, cyclists horse riders and yes Ive mentioned it before DOG WALKERS.now I now the trail is for everyone and if you use it abide by the rules as I was cycling along I noticed this
Click the picture to enlarge there on the right hand side is a little dog toffee making machine caught red handed  pawed making a little bundle of dog toffee. The owner the chap in the blue coat didn't have a clue what his dog was doing, surely if you take your dog out you expect at some point during your walk it is going to crap somewhere. I had to point this out to the owner who apologised ( yeah well save it for the parent of the small child who steps in it or even worse picks it up or the cyclist who rides through it). Nothing against dogs or people owning them just pick the shit up.

Rant 2
I carried on my merry way at about 15 miles an hour, I have a bell on my bike to let people know I'm approaching and I only use it when approaching people from behind but I was met by a family of 5 doris's walking TOWARDS me I got nearer and nearer did they move did they bollox 5 of them spread all the way across the path.They must be blind In the end I had to come to a stop as they sauntered past to a large TUT from me not one of them had any gumption to just move over so I didn't have to stop.

Anyway rant over
a good 30 miler today and off for 2 days now

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dirty Bike

Another 30 mile commute today from Lymm parking my car near to the Lymm hotel and travelling down the transpennine trail then the Bridgewater canal into Timperley this gives me a whole 7 miles off road except for about 200 yards metres . The trail is quite a good surface to ride on but the canal towpath could be better.
I even managed to finish work 2 hours earlier than expected so home in time to still partake in my Saturday beer.
Only trouble is I have just gulped my first beer to realise it is becks blue ( alcohol free !) I feel cheated now.

The only trouble with off road is this ( I hate a dirty bike, guess what I will be cleaning on Monday)

PS. I finished this week on just 93 miles, I need to step this up to get the 500 in for August, but I did lose a couple of days in the week

Saturday, 13 August 2011

1 Stone is gone

Yes folks It is now official I have lost OVER a stone I have lost in total 15.2 lbs

I stepped on the scales this morning weighing 15st 5 5/8 lbs ( 215.8 lbs)

That's a fantastic 1.7 lbs loss this week which is better than I thought it would be this week as I have had a couple of wobbly days and ate crap.........but I'm well chuffed with that.

Another commute today working tomorrow too roll on Monday when I'm off

Move it lard arse

In my last post I was debating whether to cycle or not either end of a 12 hour shift, after a couple of comments I decided I was making excuses so today I did.
I didn't do my usual 23 mile trip today I did a 30 miler and I enjoyed it, especially riding home at 2am it was a bit damp but not raining the roads were quite apart from the odd taxi and the odd knob head outside a few kebab shops shouting at me which resulted in them getting   The Bird   from me all was well.
Shower now and bed and weigh in in the morning.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Normal service to be resumed

Do you ever get that pent up locked in feeling ?

This is how my bike felt after its 48 hour incarceration in the bike shed at work.It looks sad doesn't it ?

Back to cycling tomorrow
Now wheres my bed ?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Gotta watch the diet

I had a few beers last night and a home made chicken kebab.......lurverly
Although I didn't go mad throughout the day I need to keep an eye on my intake over the next few days and make sure I do good.
I have a busy few days ahead at work and am now on 12 hour shifts for a few days,
No bike riding today as my bike is at work from when I left it there Tuesday so I have to drive today to pick it up.
I will try to ride tomorrow but riding either end of a 12 hour shift is hard, or am I just making excuses ?
At least I am now thinking about food management as apposed to before where I would just not give a toss

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A crap day

I worked an early today or so I thought out the house this morning at 6 am to drive/cycle to work which was a pleasant enough ride in to get to work for 8 am
I ended up working till 11 pm !
I was /am bolloxed and because of the Rioting that has occurred tonight in Manchester and Salford which is about 8/9 Miles from where I work at 11pm after a 15 hour shift I decided it may not be too safe cycling home as who knows who is about. So I locked my bike up in the bike shed at work and a mate drove me back to where my car was parked.
I am next in on Thursday and will have to drive to collect my bike
Food management today was crap as I hadn't planned being at work so long so had nothing with me so I ate crap.
All I can say about the rioting in my City tonight is SHAMEFUL.
I'm off to bed

Monday, 8 August 2011


I have suffered today on several fronts

I checked the weather forecast yesterday and all looked fine, I set off today it was a bit damp but the sun came and out and it was a nice pleasant ride in to work in fact a very enjoyable 11.5 miles considering I was on my way to work, I usually prefer coming home who doesn't ?
As the day went on it went duller then started to rain in fact not just rain but lash it down. Bloody hell I thought I will get soaked going home if this carries on, but not to worry the sun came out again. What did I suffer with WIND not the flatulence smelly kind but very strong weather type, My god was it windy coming home. I was down to 9 mph at one point on the flat watching all the other cyclists going the other way doing about 20 mph with big smiles on their faces whilst I was groaning and grimacing going the opposite direction
My ride in was 50 mins my ride back to my car was 64 another 14 mins on my journey.
Below is a small video taken on my mobile phone when I got back to my car, just to show you how windy it was. I hate riding in the wind I would rather it pissed down on me

I have had a problem with the saddle on my whyte hybrid creaking, I have had it off, greased the rails tightened it up but it's still creaking. I think I am going to have to buy a new saddle I fancy a Brooks B17   saddle but at around £60 I need to know it will be right for me.

I hate insects and things that bite and sting, on Saturday night I got stung by a wasp 3 times, It somehow got inside my shirt stung me twice on my back and once rather embarrassingly right next to my left nipple.When I finally got it out my shirt the little bastard just flew off I didn't even get time to stand on the the little sod.
Yesterday wasn't too bad a bit of discomfort with it but after I cycled to work this morning the sting near my nipple was really red and swollen and gradually got worse over the morning.
I showed some of the lads at work who kindly just sat there and laughed at me ! In the end I had to go the chemist and get some anti histamine tablets. I will see how that goes if it doesn't go I will have to go the Doc's for anti-bio tics.
I don't know how women cyclists go on with breasticles I think I will have to borrow one of the wife's bra's if it gets any bigger or maybe put it in a sling !!!!!!

One thing though I didn't suffer today though was HELMET HAIR. cos I forgot my cycle helmet.
I normally nearly always ride wearing my helmet, but understand both sides of the argument for and against and I don't have an opinion either way, but one thing I found out Its easier to stop sweat getting in your eyes without a helmet, cos its easier to wipe your head not wearing it.

Anyway a good if not windy 23 mile commute today and I shall see what tomorrow brings

PS. I cycled through the 1000 mile commuting  mark on my Whyte today since I got it at the end of March on the cycle to work scheme, at about 35 miles to the gallon that's saved me up till now about £180 in fuel and I have paid for it so far £128

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A tough week ahead

Since starting my weight loss journey once a week I have been having a bit of a day off with food management and alcohol intake this has usually been Saturday night after my weigh in in the morning it gives me a week to lose weight starting from Sunday after all you do need to enjoy yourself from time to time.

Last night was a good one loads to eat and loads to drink but we had a good time. This week will be a tough one but you can bet your life I will be giving it a go. My aim this week is to lose that 1/2 llb to take me to a full stone lost (14lb)

Back to commuting on the bike tomorrow but I have some 2am finishes coming up at the end of the week I don't know why but  it puts me off biking at 2am it must be something psychological that I need to get my head round, so hopefully will be able to commute all week.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday weigh in

I weighed in this morning at 15st 7 1/2 llb ( 217.5 llbs) thats another 1 llb gone slow and steady like I want

Finished the week on 115 miles cycled so not too shabby there

No cycling today for me I need to be home early after work today as me and Mrs S are off out to some friends for a meal

Friday, 5 August 2011

Exploration ride

I have a day off today so went for a bit of an explore on my road bike 18 miles of where I have never been before.
I set off into Burtonwood, then into Vulcan Village where all the houses are the same and were built to house the workers from  Vulcan Foundry which was a foundry making Locomotives. From here I went into Newton-le-willows and down into Winick then went off at an angle to explore, at this point I was passed by two Lycra wearing racing snakes on road bikes wearing what looked like a local club kit, I followed them for about a mile and a half but by this time this fat bloke in Lycra was blowing out his arse !
I then realised I hadn't got a clue where I was so turned round and went back the same way.
I went back through Burtonwood and home a pleasant morning out.
Weigh in tomorrow morning fingers crossed

A stone monument on the side of a house in Vulcan Village reminds me of houses in Northern Ireland

All the houses are the same, even the pub is the same, there is no problem keeping up with the Jones'es here

Thursday, 4 August 2011

It appears to be working

I have been doing this blog for about a month now and have successfully lost at my last weigh in 12.3 lbs.
I have always as far as I can remember been a Fat Knacker if I'm truthful even when I was a kid, I always had (and still do) an obsession with food and usually the wrong kind.
I have always as far back as I can remember being an adult been trying to lose weight, but I always kidded myself that I was doing. I would lose a pound or two then just put it back on.
Whats different now ?
Well I suppose I had a bit of a light bulb moment after seeing a picture of me at my sons communion on 25th June this year the picture below was my wake up call it shows me at probably around 16st 5 lbs after having lost a couple of pounds I promised myself and my misses that I would lose weight for this date and in true form I didn't. I have cropped the picture just to show me but it did show me and some of my mates stood in a line and yes I was the fat bloke on the end of the line and everyone else was normal.
At that point seeing that picture I knew I really had to do something.
I don't have many pictures of me because being a Fat Knacker I just don't like having my picture taken, but I am going to put this one on here to remind me of what I need to get away from.
I don't know where I'm heading weight wise and I have set no goal I just want to get back to normality and no longer be described as the fat bloke.
Starting this blog has definitely helped me because it is so public but the funny thing is It's only public to those who know its here, not everybody does my wife does but none of my friends do or none of my workmates do and for the moment that's how I will keep it, I'm not going round telling everyone, but today one of my friends said to me " HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT" you don't know how good that felt.

This is me this year at 16 st 5 lbs    ONWARDS AND UPWARDS....(or downwards where the weights concerned)

New proposed Warrington cycle lane enforcement

If only , but maybe this is the way forward

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dog toffee

Just finished a set of late shifts and commuted in full distance there and back today on my hybrid doing a 48 mile commute today a lot of it along the transpennine trail which is mostly off road along nice gravel paths and disused railway lines. During the winter months this trail is usually quiet but as summer is here it is full of horse riders, walkers families with kids on bikes and fair weather cyclists.
As I got near to Altrincham and just about to come off the trail back onto the road I saw something that really pisses me off. It was the biggest pile of dog toffee I have ever seen


Now dog toffee when walking is horrible but as a cyclist and you are unfortunate enough to ride through it ( which it looks like some poor sod has done here) your front wheel throws it up your bike, up you and if your really unlucky in your face
DOG TOFFEE I hate it.............
I have nothing against dogs its the lazy owners that let their dogs do this and then leave it for everyone else to suffer, people who do this should be banned from having dogs

If you cant train your dog to do this


I got batted ?

No not battered it's not a spelling mistake " batted "

I am working late's this week so that means usually a midnight finish. Where I park my car and ride to the last 4 or so miles are really dark ( only at night though ) country lanes, last night as I was meandering along putting the world to rights in my tiny mind " SMACK" right in the kisser I never saw what it was but can only presume it was a bat !!!  It was too big for a moth I suppose it could of been a bird god knows but I think it was a bat.
Good job I didn't have my mouth open, maybe it was going for my neck and missed ha ha.
Not too pleasant though.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It's here !!

Well It's arrived my entry pack for the Manchester 100 Miler which takes place on Sunday 4th September. It is just over 4 weeks till the event and to say I'm apprehensive is an understatement 100 miles for gods sake what the F*@k am I doing.....I'm sure I will be OK there are several of us doing it from work and we aren't out to break any records just get round and as we are doing it for charity for a work colleague who died a couple of months ago of cancer we have to do it, wish me luck

Anyway Commuting going good this week apart from meeting Doris yesterday, she wasn't there on the way home last night, but I have no doubt I will meet her again soon at some point in my life. Did my usual 23 miler but boy was it humid, I was sweating like a glass blowers arse by the time I got to my car.all good for the weight loss though
23 again today hopefully and food management going good at the moment.
All apparently well

Monday, 1 August 2011

Beware of Doris you have been warned

On my commute in this morning I met Doris, I have met Doris many times whilst out and about cycling on this occasion she appeared in the guise of an OAP with a blue rinse, head just above the steering wheel driving a silver Nissan Micra.
Doris can appear in any shape and driving any vehicle so cyclists beware.

Today I saw Doris in Timperley as I was cycling along at about 18 mph she was there lurking in the left junction ahead, I saw her look left and I saw her not look right then she timed her move to perfection and in total oblivion pulled out in front of me having no idea whatsoever I was there.
Amongst the cursing and swearing ( from me not Doris) and even though I knew she would do it I pulled to the left and tried to nip up the inside of her as there was no way I could of stopped, this is when Doris had her second bite of the cherry, In her inability to drive she had obviously pulled too far out into the road and with her delayed action corrected this, as I tried to get past the inside she neatly pulled back toward the kerb to try and kneecap me. As I banged on the side of her car I don't think Doris's brain could compute how I got there.
Lets just hope I don't meet her going home

If you cycle beware of Doris's they are lurking around every corner

PS I apologise if your called Doris please feel free to call your Doris whatever you want