Saturday, 23 July 2011

You can have cake and eat it (sometimes)

Or in my case chips and curry sauce, I was cycling to work yesterday when it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have that ice cold feeling on my back, or in other words I had left my meatballs and sauce in the freezer at home instead of putting them in my rucksack, so unless I wanted just a small portion of plain pasta for my tea I would have to purchase summat, bollox I thought this is where all my planning goes tit's up and I end up pigging out.
So consequently I had chips and curry sauce from the chippy, but instead of following this with the usual chocolate bar from the vending machine as I would of done in the past I left it at that and had the fruit that I actually remembered to take  to work.
I suppose my point is that as I tell myself I am not on a diet, I have changed the way I eat and cut out the MAJORITY of crap that I did eat and as life zooms past me I suppose these situations will crop up from time to time. So as long as my weight takes a steady decline I don't care as long as it comes off and more importantly this time stays off that's what I'm aiming for, and the "occasional"  as long as that's what it is piece of theoretical cake will do no harm.

On that note and as I'm feeling motivated and empowered with this weight loss thing I jumped on the scales again this morning ( maybe a weekly weigh in is where I'm at at the moment there are no hard and fast rules this time )

This week I have lost 2 1/2 llbs  taking me to 15ST 9 1/2 llbs            YES RESULT ................
This with another week of cycling at 122 miles           should be on for my biggest month of over 400 miles

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