Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Why Blog ?

I am Mark Shaw a 47 year old fat knacker. its official.
over the past few years my weight has crept up to 16 stone 7 llbs. and for someone who is only 5'8" tall that is classed as obese
About 3 years ago I started cycling on and off commuting to work part way as work is 24 miles from home starting off at 6 miles there and 6 back then working up to 9 miles each way then up to 12 miles each way, I convinced myself I was cycling so much I could eat whatever I wanted, I carried on cycling but also carried on eating and eating more , that combined with giving up smoking got me to where I am today A FAT KNACKER.

About 18 months ago my work joined the cycle to work scheme and I bought myself a nice shiny road bike albeit an entry level one, a Felt F95 and about 3 months ago I bought a hybrid bike  Whyte C7 Malvern. These are my bikes I use for both commuting and social riding.

Anyway why BLOG ?

Well over the past couple of years I have been reading peoples blogs mostly about weight loss and cycling combined and to be honest I have been pretty inspired by some of the people on tinterweb blogging.
About a week ago I read a blog that suggested ways of staying focused losing weight one of these ways was suggested to keep a diary or write a blog.
Well I have used every other excuse for not losing weight but as I near the big 50 I realise I need to do something to shift this weight and keep it off otherwise I could be heading for all sorts of medical problems in the future.

I know I need to manage my food better than I do and exercise more than I do, Its no good sat watching the biggest loser on TV whilst eating a chicken Madras and a supping away on a San Miguel.

So this blog will be my public weight loss journey with tales along the way about my cycling and possibly anything else that happens.
Below are pictures of my bikes.


  1. Nice bikes. Keep up the good work.

  2. Cheers Toby very early days for me need to keep the motivation

  3. Good luck with it. I'd hoped the cycling would be some miraculous weight-loss program, but the food intake is offsetting a lot of good. We'll get there!

  4. When I got to cycling 120 miles a week and still put weight on it slowly dawned on me ha ha