Sunday, 31 July 2011

Some stats and some goals

Miles ridden this month                471
Miles ridden this year                   1666
Current weight as of 300711          15st 8 1/2 llbs or 218.5 llbs
Weight loss from my heaviest       12.5 llbs


I want to keep my goals small so they are achievable ,
There is no reason that I can see that I cant ride over 400 miles again this month but I am going to set my target for the month at 500

I keep telling myself I have lost a stone which we all know is 14 llbs I haven't yet but i very very nearly have done from my heaviest weight which was at the end of June 2011 which was just before I started this blog my weight goal for August will be to lose 5llbs which will put me on the better side of 15 stone and put me over the stone lost.

Today me and my lads did a full 2 mile bike ride Billy my youngest was showing me how he does wheelies and all sorts of other bike related tricks as we rode along, Of course I couldn't let him show me how it was done. Like all competitive dads I had to show him, I think they were in awe of me ha ha . I have to show off now whilst they are young because in a few years the will just think I'm a knob

                                          Danny MacAskill eat your heart out

                                           Photo courtesy of my other son Joe

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