Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shift change !!!

Due to a shift change for the rest of the week till Friday I'm now starting at 10 am which means after dropping kids at school haven't time to commute by bike, I am hoping to get out over the weekend possibly with a 25/30 mile jaunt on Sunday, A few of us from work have signed up for the Manchester 100 ( miles !!!!! ) in September so I need to get as many miles in as possible. This is in memory of a work colleague who died a couple of months ago of cancer.

Hope the weathers good for Sunday not looked.

Next week should be better, I have a meeting in Bury on Monday so can bike to work, Tuesday and Wednesday are midnight finishes and take the kids to school the following day, but I need to bike more so will bike and put up with being knackered. Days off Thursday and Friday

On the food front I think I have done ok today I need to find something that suits me I have tried all sorts of diets but put weight back on, I need to eat less and stop filling my face with crap all the time, time will tell how I do

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  1. Clive that's the problem bit I have always had managing. I just forget to stop troffing