Saturday, 16 July 2011

Put the theory into practice and add motivation

Now I know I said I was going to weigh in every 2-3 weeks but today I couldn't resist it, Last Saturday I was hovering just above the 16 stone mark and I wanted to see if I had dropped below.

Well folks yes I have I weighed in today at 15st 12 1/4 llbs that's a fantastic 3llbs loss this week....... I am well chuffed with that, I haven't been on a diet I have just eaten less crap, eaten sensibly and cycled more. I incidentally finished the week on 150 miles cycled somewhat of a record for me.

Today's plan was to go out for a ride with my mate Rob who after buying his new Whyte hybrid hadn't ridden it. When I got up it was absolutely persisting down I text Rob hoping he would say no knock it on the head, but he must of been keen to test his new bike and said " No we will give it a try and see if it drys up".
So off we set along the Transpennine trail and it eventually dried out giving way to a nice 25 mile ride over to Liverpool airport and back, However true to form the great British weather decided to dump a load of the wet stuff on us in the last mile making me wetter than a wet thing when I got home but an enjoyable way to spend the morning all given.

                                          My Black Whyte next to Robs White Whyte (say that when your pissed) overlooking the Mersey Estuary

                                                                                                                                                       Incidentally has anyone got any ideas how to keep sweat out of your eyes, when it rains and my head gets wet the sweat pours into my eyes stinging like a bastard , any ideas appreciated ..


  1. Thanks Clive I need to keep the motivation going now

  2. Just came across your blog.

    Great about your weight loss/fitness gain. I am on a similar journey myself.

    I find the sweat problem can be reduced at least by using a buff. If you don't want to wear it on your head it makes a great sweatband on a wrist.

  3. Cheers thanks for that I will have a look at them, probably best on my head cos I wear glasses and wiping my head every so often is a problem