Thursday, 21 July 2011

Put the boot in

I have got myself a new piece of kit, it didn't cost anything which is how I like it.
In preparation for the Manchester 100 mile  I was reading about Tyre Boots what you do is take an old tyre and cut a piece out ( not including the beading ) and trim a piece to a suitable size this then fits in between your inner tube and tyre should you be unfortunate to end up with a gash or cut in your tyre this stops the new inner tube or patched tube from sticking out the tyre and apparently its a good get you home remedy.
As I work shifts I would be buggered if I ended up with a gash in my tyre at 2am whilst cycling home one night lets hope I never have use for it but it's there if I do

Trim a piece out of the old tyre but don't include the beading

Then trim to whatever size you think suitable.

Anyway shifts today are shite a 6pm start till 3 am then back in tomorrow at 2pm so tonight I am driving, however I have kept pressing on with the riding and did a 31 miler on the road bike this morning. Food management is good and I can tell things are happening I have to keep pulling my jeans up and clothes are definitely starting to get a bit looser.......... I'm still a fat knacker though and there is a long way to go.


  1. Good tip. A fellow cyclist also suggested using an old toothpaste tube. Makes your bike smell minty :-)

  2. Toby In my case in the past it would of been a smarties tube, after I had eaten them of course ha ha, but a toothpaste tube would be ideal too