Saturday, 30 July 2011

A loss is a loss

At what now appears to be my now official Saturday morning weigh in I stepped on the scales at 15 st 8 1/2 llb (218.5 llbs) thats a 1 llb loss this week,
I am pleased with this and this is what I'm aiming for a steady weight loss that stays off, It's pretty much trial and error for me so some weeks are going to be better than others and I have no doubt I will have some bad weeks but as long as I keep that downward trend in weight overall I will be a happy chap.

I am not following any diet I have just changed my way of eating , I don't do weight watchers points or slimming world red/green days or counting calories I have done all these in the past and they work as long as you stay on them, as soon as you stop the weight goes back on and anyway they are a pain in the arse planning them out,What I am doing has to be easy for me to maintain for the rest of my days.

I am eating more or less what I ate before just minus a huge amount of crap ie sweets biscuits cakes chocolate, lets face it we all know whats bad for us.

Anyway tonight is going to be a red wine transfusion for me So we will see if that has any effect on next weeks weigh in..

Good week cycling finishing the week on 137 miles I wont ride today but may have a small ride with the kids tomorrow. Its my best ever for mileage this month but wont have a final figure till tomorrow depending on whether I ride my bike or not.

Stay tuned folks

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