Thursday, 28 July 2011

Its Ticking !!!!!!!

Since March when I purchased my Whyte Malvern C7 hybrid bike (British made)  I have had a few reliability issues with it and a few LBS problems that I have not been too happy with, don't get me wrong I really like the bike and it is/should be good for what I want to do with it ie commute to work on using a variety of surfaces like the road, gravel paths and canal towpaths but at £650 I don't consider it cheap considering the last bike I was using was a £200 decathlon rockrider 5.2 mountain bike  which just kept going and paid for itself over and over.

Since I have had my Whyte I have done 884 miles on it, the day I got it the front tyre kept blowing off the rim and it was unridable I took it back to the LBS from where I got it and they replaced the tyre, not with a matching one but a different one a minor issue you might think but this was a brand new bike never ridden why didn't they replace both tyres so they matched and sent them back to Whyte apparently the beading of the tyre woudnt hold on the rim.

A few weeks ago a spoke snapped on my way home, back to the LBS who replaced it but charged me about £3 for the spoke !

about a week later the headset seized or certainly became very stiff, back to the LBS who took it apart and greased it all up telling me it had run dry ??? or as I think was never greased to start with.

Then there was a creaking noise started so back to the LBS who said they couldn't hear it ( well I bloody could every pedal stroke) I thought it was the bottom bracket but it turned out that it was the saddle/seat post it wasn't loose but I tightened it as much as I could and it stopped

Then spoke number 2 broke on the same wheel, back again to the LBS who this time fixed it for free, but when I came to pick up my wheel they had replaced the skewer in the wheel with some shitty black one off some cheap mountain bike, I pointed this out and that mine where silver and it was swapped with a silver one the excuse being " Ive done so many wheels today" (not my problem), when I got home they don't effin match

Maybe I have OCD but I like things to match as they did when it was new, I don't want different tyres on my bike, or different skewers , I don't expect a new bike to break so many times in such a short time and have it in the LBS for days on end when I cant ride it, and I expect my LBS to fix it and give it back to me as it was originally

NOW the BLOODY thing is making a ticking noise as I pedal...................................AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH.

I have decided that I am voting with my feet and changing my LBS

location of the ticking I think

I don't like odd tyres

Whinge over...................


  1. I reckon you could hand the bike back for a full refund, it clearly isn't fit for purpose. At the very least you should get the tyre and spoke replaced to match the originals. If you can get to Handforth then you will not go wrong by using Rick Green Cycles ( I sent a couple of workmates there recently and both were very happy with the service they received, I've used them for something like 15 years without a problem.

    Great blog by the way :-)

    Hope that helps,

  2. Cheers Mickey ,
    I do actually like the Whyte and I am hoping the ticking noise is something and nothing I haven't had any further problems with the spokes and I suppose I should of said something about the tyre at the time Ive done nearly 900 miles on it now though. We shall see what else happens with the bike hopefully nothing.
    I have used a bike shop in widnes John Geddes previously and I think I will try there for any maintenance needs as its local to me, my Felt needs a service so I will let them do that, but I'm not too keen on the bikes they sell
    I have been in Rick Green cycles its not too far from where I work he has some nice bianchi's I was looking at last year and I like the RIXONS he makes.
    I'm glad you like the blog and I appreciate your comments

  3. I too loved the Bianchis, what beautiful looking machines! I enquired about a Rixon Audax as I'm a tad heavy for the Bianchi but was advised to go for something cheaper and more appropriate for me, surprising sales pitch!

    I'm reading your blog every day, great stuff!

  4. Cheer Mickey, that's what you want from a LBS good honest staff, its the small things that make the shop ie the after sales in my opinion

    1. Wow wow wow,

      I was searching google about my 2011 Malvern and your blog came up and err: I've had the EXACT same problems:

      i've had 4 spokes brea on me within the first 3 months of purchase, it may actually be a bent rim.

      The headset seized on a one way left turn which was almost fatal: When I took it back the bearing ring was a shard of metal of about 2mm. This ring disntegrated and rusted away in 3 months.

      I have the creaking pedals (left crank) and it is the bottom bracket at fault in my case.

      Had to replace both tyres (back one shredded to bits of some gravel and front sidewall tore).

      Spent over 350 fixing all of the above

    2. It must be Whyte then, I have got all mine fixed now and can say I have had no more problems with mine and it runs great.