Monday, 18 July 2011

I wimped out today

I am on earlies Monday & Tuesday this week, when the alarm went off this morning at stupid o'clock I glanced out of the window saw the rain and said stuff that I'm driving today. As I lay in bed I thought to myself I will just have a look at what its really like I really should bike I thought to myself. Off I trundled downstairs but before I opened the back door I could hear the rain pounding down on the conservatory roof and I thought NO bollox to that I'm off back to my bed for half an hour or so, I reset my alarm and got back in my pit.
As I lay there I had a vision of the M62 , the spray, the waggons and the rest of the traffic rushing towards Manchester and I dragged myself back out of bed, got my bike gear on before I could argue with myself , threw the bike in the car drove to my normal halfway point and cycled in.
All in all a good commute today 23 miles on the bike but got a bit wet, however as I keep telling myself you only get wet once and skin is waterproof anyway.

So why did I wimp out you ask ?????

Well this is SUMMERTIME for gods sake its JULY........


I promised myself I would only wear shorts from April till the end of September, but today I wimped out. I opted for my leggings and winter waterproof boots...Not suitable apparel for July Methinks

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